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Wikimperium is the only resource for the Imperium: Galaxy Wars universe.


  • A new Imperium campaign is under development as of March 2012.

Imperium: The Galaxy WarsEdit

Imperium: The Galaxy Wars is an original, message board -based RPG focusing on the stories set within The Imperium, a galaxy-spanning society in humanity's far future. The exact date of the events of any given Imperium campaign is intentionally left a mystery to avoid continuity errors, but the Imperium universe is millenia into the future. Humanity effectively dominates the galaxy and while other sentient life does exist, aliens (or xenoforms) are second-class citizens at best, slaves at worst, and rarely seen.

Humanity, however, has not changed. Men still fight one another for wealth, power, and the trappings associated with them. Powerful figures treat the lives of trillions as playing cards in a game that never ends. In this game, we will tell the stories of the people, and--hopefully--have a little fun while we're at it.