This is the only known picture of Veronikya, taken by surveillance cameras in the cargo hold of the Taralith prior to the “incident”.

Veronikya Rozenburgh

Little is known of the eldest daughter of the infamous Sera Rozenburgh. It is known that Veronikya (along with her sister Aleson) were hidden by their mother from Akadon’s initial purge of the family which claime her father's life. Later Alliance assassins are known to have killed Aleson, though Veronikya survived. Details of her how she survived are unknown though it is believed that she was imprisoned for a time by the Empire. At some point she apparently escaped however and after surviving the “Taralith incident” rejoined her mother.

The current whereabouts of Veronikya are unknown. However following her mother’s failed raid on Egyphon 7 rumors have indicated that Veronikya was somehow separated from Sera and is again traveling the galaxy alone.