Tyrant War Droids


Tyrant War Droids were manufactured at a number of locations across the Galaxy by CyberCorp. Originally designed for military use, their popularity among front-line troops spurred CybeCorp into developing them for commercial sale and purchase by discerning customers looking for loyal and dependable bodyguards.

As front line troops, Tyrant War Droids were a bit of a let down. Though they could pack significant firepower, their lack of independent thought and action meant that they were not able to respond appropriately to combat situations. The low-intelligence package they were fitted with was deemed necessary to prevent rogue developments in the circuitry which could prompt the droids to act against their own commanders.

As such, they were withdrawn from front line combat and used in field support positions, with much greater results. They are fully customisable and upgradeable, and come with a series of interesting and exciting features:

Multiple weapon slots and customisable grenade launchers!
Choice of light, medium or heavy armour upgrades!
Intelligence package can be modified by discerning customers.
Various planned upgrades for the Droid, including targeting sensors, language recognition module, energy shielding and more!

Check your nearest Droid Outlet for further information!

Some units have outlived their masters; in such cases the Droid is programmed to shut down. However, this programming can be deleted or can malfunction, leading some Droids to take on an independent existence. While not illegal, it was a cause for concern among the Empire. The Imperium has made no moves against independent Droids so far.