History Edit

The Alliance is a recently-constructed political entity, formed by the actions of rogue naval officers who rose against the Imperial monarchy seven-years ago. A military-dictatorship under the complete of control of former Imperial Admiral, Andronikus Akadon, the Alliance is held together by sheer force of will and military firepower. When Akadon led his fleets to the Dardanius Shipyards seven years ago he destroyed all opposition to him, and installed himself and the Alliance there. Over the next year the Alliance conquered many nearby coreward systems, striking at the unprepared and confused forces of the Imperium. After the Imperium managed to gather its remaining fleets and resources, however, Akadon found his advance stalled and six years of civil war dragged out, with various enagements and battles ending as a stalemate or minor victory only. It is only within the last year that the Alliance has managed to marshal enough resources and forces together to launch a major strike - at the very heart of the Imperium. Personally leading his forces, Andronikus was able to defeat the Imperial fleet at Chandra, capturing and occupying the Imperial capital and installing himself there as a new capital for the Alliance. The retreating forces of the Imperium are regrouping in Cheron for a possible counter-strike, putting Alliance forces on the defensive.

But the Alliance is not motivated purely by power hunger. Much effort has been expended on trying to discover the cause behind the disapperances of the rimward colonies which began eight years ago. With the war dragging on, the resources dedicated to this goal are diminishing, but it is thought that an Alliance expedition will soon set forth for the Rim.

Culture Edit

The Alliance oeprates as a military dictatorship. The class system on Alliance-occupied worlds has been completely broken down, but this has only resulted in more of the population being drafted in for military service as as forced labour. Alliance factories and shipyards run continuously in an effort to out-produce the Imperium and this has placed a great strain on the workforce. Conditions on some Alliance worlds are said to be almost catastrophic, will millions of workers so neglected as to be on the point of death. New trade routes from Chandra have alleviated this problem somewhat, bringing in stores of food and medical supplies that the Imperium had stockpiled, but far more will be needed to stabilise the precarious situation.


Capital: Chandra (Recently Occupied); Dardanius Shipyards (Former)
Political System: Military Dictatorship Current Ruler: Andronikus Akadon (Admiral)