An Okray-Class liner, the Taralith is a medium-sized passenger transport that is owned by Clordet Wilyems. Purchased second-hand shortly before the outbreak of civil war, the Taralith was intended to carry dignitaries and VIP's to conferences, seminars and meetings around the Tarantula Nebula. This plan was frustrated by the civil war and the vessel was instead diverted toward carrying wealthy refugees from both Imperial and Alliance space to the havens of the newly-seceded Free Worlds. Amidst the growing paranoia, however, amongst the states of the Free Worlds President Shannon Tar Bandon has prohibited all further immigration. The Taralith is now on it's final journey, having entered the Tarantula Nebula after departing from the Eddwerd's Moon with less than half the normal passenger complement. What service the Taralith will be turned to once this final journey has been completed is not yet known.


Class: Okray
Crew Complement: 10
Passenger Capacity: 130
Armaments: None
Defences: Dual-reinforced hull
Constructed: IY 13,876 at the Tothe Shipyards, Jurayan. Owner: Clordet Wilyems