Name: Sera Rozenburgh
Age: 43
Race: Human
Faction: None (rumored to be working with the Empire)
Rank: Vice-Admiral; Formerly Second-in-Command of Imperium forces.
Current Location: Unknown

Bio: Sera Rozenburgh has had a checkered history. However, it is her actions following the loss of the Imperial Fleet that have thrust her into the limelight, gaining her the title 'Butcher of Terrantum', among others. She has been villified across a hundred worlds, and is feared across hundreds mor
Sera Rozenburgh

Sera Rozenburgh shortly after her rescue from Syr Darya

e. She was the second most important leader of the Alliance, before betraying her mentor and former lover Andronikus Akadon.

Sera was a loyal subordinate to Akadon, and one of the many officers to follow his attacks against the Imperium. Akadon however wanted a demonstration of her loyalty, a decesion which would haunt them both. He condemned her husbandand children to death, ordering Sera herself to carryout the sentence. It would only be years later Akadon and the galaxy at large would learn the truth. Sera's daughters had not been killed but instead hidden away by the Vice Admiral, this was a situation Akadon resolved to remedy, leading to Rozenburgh's betrayal of her mentor and her current rogue status. Later assains are known to have hunted down her daughters killing one but the eldest Veronikya is known to have survived and rejoined her mother.

Domestic squabbles aside, Sera is most famous for her actions at Terrantum II. Vice-Admiral Rozenburgh was in charge of hunting down several suspected members of the Imperial Family. The battle in orbit had gone well, but indications were that a massive evacuation force was attempting to flee the planet. Rather than risk the royal family members escaping, Sera ordered the entire planet to be firebombed from orbit. Alliance ships opened fire, reducing the planet to ash, turning the cities into glass craters. It is said that the planet still burns even now. Not a single inhabitant survived.

Also of note were Sera's actions on Syr Darya station. While awaiting transfer to her current command, the Ragnarok, Sera became involved in a small battle between a squadron of Free States cruisers and the Destiny, flagship of the Imperium and the Alliance's flagship, Abraxas. Though the battle was small in scale and indecesive, many blame Rozenburgh for the subsquent destruction of the mining station, which led to the detonation of the massive gas giant which it orbited. Syr Darya remains a dead system to this day.

Recently rumors of Sera rejoining the Empire have circulated but the truth of them cannot be confirmed. However she has continued her hit and run campaign against Akadon and the Alliance.