There are a variety of medicines and medical supplies in constant demand across known space, varying in price, some of them fetching quite a high price on the open market (and an even higher price on the black market). Many of them can be used to temporarily heal injury, or to treat wounds which would otherwise incapacitate or kill a man.

Medical KitEdit

The medical kit is a portable diagnostic and first aid kit, complete with hand-held sensors, trauma kit, sterilisers, bandages, splints and painkillers. It is a useful field tool for soldiers or mercenaries, and can be useful in emergencies when it is either impossible or undesireable to go to a medical facility. These kits are manufactured by a variety of companies, and are relatively cheap, the only expensive equipment being the diagnostic sensors.
-Average Price: 1,000 Credits per kit
-Use: Must have some medical skill
-Effect: Heals between 1-6 hitpoints; negates stun effects.


Tramazapan is a general pain-killer used to combat the effects of headaches, mild pains, hangovers and mild injuries. It is produced on a variety of worlds from an organic chemical compound easily produced in mass quantities in specially constructed labs. Its ease of manufacture makes it relatively weak, though bulk supplies to the outer colonies provide both a legal and mildly lucrative business opportunity. It can be bought in pharmacists across known space.
-Average Price: 5 Credits per bottle
-Dose: Can be used 5 times
-Use: No skill required
-Effect: Heals between 1-4 hitpoints


A prescription-only drug sometimes available on the black market or from less scrupulous medics, dopomine is used in serious injuries, such as broken bones, internal bleeding and head trauma's. The artifical chemical compound rleases itself slowly into the patients system, delivering both a general painkiller to soothe the pain while also speeding up the recovery effort. Its effects usually take a day or so to really kick in, but can be very useful in emergency situations where it is impossible to get to a medical facility. It is often used to free-up bed space, as pateitns can administer the drug themselves at home, and so allow more serious cases to be dealt with in hospital.
-Average Price: 500 Credits per bottle
-Dose: Can be used 5 times
-Use: No skills required
-Effects: Heals between 1-6 hitpoints; has mildly addictive qualities if used too often.