MarsTech Protocol Droid


MarsTech was an old company that was established on Tyrellia VII before the planetary reactor core suffered a breach, which led to the destruction of the entire planet, including MarsTech operations. Previous to this, though, they had been the primary producers of Protocol Droids for the Imperium. Used in a variety of situations, Protocol Droids were useful during diplomatic negotiations and as personal assistants to a variety of people.

They are recognised as top of the line Protocol Droids, with independent thought allowed by a series of complex programming functions. They are usually fiercely loyal, but can become independent or rogue for a number of reasons. There was one report of a MarsTech Protocol Droid working as a bounty hunter for the Yurka Crime Bosses.

They are usually proficient in several major languages, and have a high intelligence. Their combat abilities are limited, but are also upgradeable, illegally, via some illicit MarsTech or compatible upgrades that can be found if one looks hard enough.

Like Tyrant War Droids, they are bipedal, their frame designed to mimick humans as much as possible. They come in a variety of colours and tints...ask our stockists to see their ranges.