Katrina d’Cloche is the youngest (bastard) daughter of the late Earl of Jazmyne. She came to prominence during the civil war, where she uploaded extranet videos of resistance attacks on the Alliance occupiers. Her behind the scenes access to the resistance as well as her frank yet humorous commentary on the videos quickly brought her fame and a loyal fan base which would serve as the foundation of her career after the war.

However after the war her brother the new Earl of Jazmyne would betroth Katrina to the brother of the Duke d’Anise. Katrina would set off a major row between the families and minor scandal to titilate the high society circuit, when she refused the marriage and instead abandoned the planet to pursue her journalism career.

In the time since the civil war Ms. d’Cloche has established a reputation for being willing to go into dangerous situations and come out with amazing video. She has reported on many of the uprisings the Empire has suffered in that time, most famously the so called “Egyphon risings” where the native aliens began a bloody revolt which for a time would actually free the planet from Imperial rule, despite the massacre of humans taking place d’Cloche remained on planet reporting throughout, including the Empires blood soaked reprisal which left millions of alien corpses in its wake.