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The IMV Abraxas was laid down at the Dardanius Shipyards, the first in what was hoped to be a fleet of new Demon-class dreadnoughts for the Imperium. Captured by Alliance forces at the outbreak of the Civil War, the ship was gifted by Admiral Akadon to Sera Rozenburg who gained notoriety when she used the ship to firebomb the Imperial stronghold on Terrantum II. Like Rozenburg, the ship gained further infamy when she turned rogue and sightings of her are a common galacnet meme.

Design Edit

Designed as the largest and most powerful warship in Imperial history, the Abraxas was to be the flagship of the Imperial First Fleet and the personal warship of Fleet Admiral Karras Lal. Her design was overseen by the brilliant though troubled Ikorum Halit who was determined to go down in history for his design. Incorporating three triborozon-fuelled reactors the ship was capable of impressive speeds for a vessel her size. Whilst still capable of being out-maneouvred in close-quarters combat, her interdiction abilities were to have been unsurpassed. The addition of a second force amplifier would also have allowed for longer-range travel and acted as a back-up in case the primary amplifier was damaged. Dozens of torpedo launchers, particle cannons, point-defence systems and several fighter wings made the Abraxas the most heavily-armed warship in galactic history. The Imperial team tasked with her construction dubbed her a one-ship fleet, mobile weapons platform and bringer-of-death.

With extensive combat-suites, fighter bays, engines and a host of ancillary systems the total crew complement was almost 3,000 personnel, most of which were technicians and maintenance workers overseeing the smooth operations of the vessel.

Anticipating long-range missions and prolonged periods in deep space, the Abraxas was designed with vast storage facilities to house the vast quantities of resources needed to sustain the crew, as well as luxury facilities including sports facilities and crew lounges. Whilst derided as a waste of resources by some, Imperial military planners believed it would be necessary to provide opportunities for crews to relax whilst deployed on long-range missions with indeterminate periods of time between shore-leave nad vessel rotation. Despite this, most crew would still have to hot-bunk, and only officers were provided with infidivual quarters.

History Edit

When the Abraxas became operational, she was firmly in Alliance hands. Admiral Anaster Akadon gifted the completed vessel to his long-time ally and confidante, Admiral Sera Rozenburg. Acting in her capacity as Akadon's personal enforcer, her first mission was to take the ship to Terrantum II to investigate reports that members of the Imperial family were present on the planet. Rozenburg used the vessel to pound the planet from orbit, demonstrating the Abraxas' devastating weapon capabilities. Torpedoes decimated population centres and, after some modifications by engineers, triggered a firestorm that ignited much of the planet. The aim - to use the Imperiums own weapons against them and instil fear into the Imperial citizenry - was successful and triggered an Imperial withdrawal from that front of the war.