Hypereon IV is a relatively young colony, having only been established 100 years ago due to the minimal terraforming the planet needed to serve as an agricultural resource. However, a previously-undetected microbe present in the soil made it nearly impossible to raise crops at profitable yields. Thus, the colony was largely considered a failure and those who could afford to leave did so. Those who didn't remained to eke out a minimal existence in the unwelcoming fields or providing services to the pirates, rebels, and smugglers who would from time-to-time seek refuge on the far-flung world. Imperial presence on the world was minimal, consisting primarily of a customs house and tax collector, and both operations were thoroughly corrupt. As there were no significant law enforcement or in the colony, less scrupulous types considered theft a perfectly reasonable method of acquiring goods, and the only way to defend one's hope was to fight for it when necessary.

Hypereon IV remains on the outskirts of Imperial territory, a poor backwater world that is rarely visited by any patrol of the remaining Imperial Fleet.