Though the exact details are lost in time it is known that House Rosenburg was founded during the first Empire following its creation on the ashes of the Galactic Republic. The actual founder of the House is unknown but Lady Willow Rosenburg is considered the first significant member and along with her consort Tara is credited with laying down its matriarchal traditions which continued throughout its history. Kortoth is considered the families traditional home though in later years they would become more closely associated with the world of Egyphon.

Lady Willow Rosenburg

The first recorded leader of House Rosenburg celebrated as the de facto founder of the House though is known not to be the actual founder. Lived during the golden age of the first Empire and is credited with bringing House Rosenburg to prominence through a series of conflicts with other houses and support of the reigning Emperor.

Cardinal Anyanka Rosenburg


Anyanka lived during the time of the second Empire and is considered among the greatest of the Houses leaders Cardinal Anyanka also carried the titles Lady Protector and Baroness. Under her direction House Rosenburg conquered the merchant Republic of Egyphon for the Empire and after a directing an ethnic cleansing campaign against the native Egyphon race established the planet as the center of Rosenburg power. Also among her accomplishments is brokering an alliance between the dominant church of the day and House Roseburg (and earning herself the Cardinal title) as well as assisting in retaking Earth from rebels with the help of several other Houses including House Vira. Also among Cardinal Anyankas major contributions to the Imperiums history is arranging a marriage between her cousin Grand Admiral Faith Rosenburg and a prince of the Imperial house by the name of Kamchar. Later this marriage would provide the pretext under which the Grand Admiral would seize the Imperial throne and crown herself Empress.

Emperess Faith Rosenburg


Faith originally entered the Imperial Navy as a way of gaining prestige and power despite her unfortunate position in House Roseburgs birth order which would forever deny her leadership of the House. Though considered reckless Faith quickly rose through the ranks of the Navy eventually with the help of her cousin Anyanka and her Imperial husband receiving command of the fleet. It was from this position with the backing of Cardinal Anyanka that she deposed the Imperial family and using her husband Kamchar (whom she habitually called Armchair) claim to the throne to justify crowning herself Empress. Unfortunately for Faith and the galaxy itself, it was at this time that an alien force arrived from beyond the borders of known space. This invasion would ultimatley culminate in [Battle of the Line. ] Though it ended in a victory for the Imperium, loses were extremely heavy, the Empress was killed and the Imperium was plunged into a period of civil war.