The Core Worlds have an abundance of fine foods and beverages at their disposal, but the distances involved in inter-system travel mean that it is not always possible to transport these fine foods to the outer colonies, which generally rely on dried food rations until they are able to sustain their food requirements.

Dried Food Packets

These bars of protein, vitamins and minerals necessary to keep an individual healthy taste foul, but they get the job done. They are the standard fare aboard long-haul transport ships as well as the outer-colonies until such time as those colonies become self-sufficient in their food needs. They also make excellent combat rations for troops separated from their units or held down under enemy fire.

-Average Price: 10 Credits per bar
-Dose: 1
-Use: No skills required
-Effect: Heals 1-2 hitpoints

Military Rations
-Average Price: 5 credits per bar
-Dose: 1
-Use: No skills required
-Effect: Heals 3-5 hp

Civilian Rations

-Average Price: 10 credits per bar
-Dose: 1
-Use: No skills required
-Effect: heals 1-2 hp.


-Average Price: 35 credits per bottle


-use: No skills required

- effect: