Ef76 nebulon-b

Class: Demon
Demon-Class Dreadnought
Type: Dreadnought
-Size: 10 - 1,041.65 x 772.43 x 285.47m
-Hit Points: 200
-Type VII Reactor: 200 Power Generated
-Crew: 3,500
-Evacuation Capacity: 10,000
-Power Cost: 14
Computer Cores: 4
Long-Range Sensors: 13 Light-Years
Short-Range Sensors: 1 Light-Year
-Power Cost: 18
-60 Type V Laser Cannons
-100 Type V Missile Launchers
-Power Cost: 160
Known Vessels
-Abraxas; Azazel; Asmodeus; Astaroth; Behemoth; Belial; Leviathan; Lilith; Lucifer; Mephistophiles; Moloch; Nephilim; Ares; Artemis; Pontus; Thanato; Eos; Hyperion

Under construction:

Menoetius, Ophion, Agrius, Typhon, Caerus, Ladon, Imperator

Fleet DataEdit

Demon-Class dreadnoughts have been in Imperial service for over a century, and have become a familiar sight along the major patrol routes in the Core Systems, as well as making occasional apperances along the trade lanes of the outer colonies. Heavily armed, they are more than a match for the usual raiders, rogues and pirates that prey on freighters and transports. The ships are usually commanded by the most important members of the Imperial Navy, specifically Admirals, such as Karin Shale. As they usually patrol the Core Systems, and often check in at Imperial facilities, they are the most sought-after assignments in the Fleet.

The outbreak of civil war has resulted in the number of Demon-Class dreadnoughts in the Imperial Navy being drastically reduced, as many were commanded by supportes of Acaddon. The Abraxas, once the flagship of the Imperial Navy, has become the flagship of the Alliance, upon its defection. The commanders of the Asmodeus, Astaroth, Belial, Lilith; Mephistopiles; Moloch and Nephilim all defected along with the Abraxas, a serious worry to the Imperial Chiefs of Staff.

Durign the civil war the Asmodeus, Astaroth, Belial, and the Nephilim were destroyed. The lead-ship of the Demon Class dreadnoughts Abraxas went missing prior to the end of the Galactic Civil War, and was briefly rediscovered by a Imperial survey ship, but it appears that the Abraxas and the ship sent to recover it has gone missing once again. Imperial Intelligance suggests that the Abraxas, the lead ship of the Demon class will never be found again.

Since the end of the Civil war 6 additional Demon-class Dreadnoughts have been built, and are undergoing their shakedown cruises. Another 7 Demon-class Dreadnoughts are under construction in a sustained effort by the Admiralty to bring the Imperial Navy back up to pre-Battle of the line strengths. Recently promoted to the Imperial Admiralty Admiral Hudson is a strong supporter of the continued expansion of the Demon Class fleet, having served a distinguished career on-board the Leviathan, the 7'th fleet's flagship through the civil war.

The brain child of Admiral Hudson, the Imperator is a improved Demon-class Dreadnought that is rumored to be nearing compleation at the newely compleated Essex Fleet Shipyard.