Clothing goods Do the clothes really make the man? Possibly; they certainly affect people's first impressions. There are a wide variety of clothes and styles available, some mass produced, others hand-made by the finest tailors in known space. They can be vital tools of disguise and deception if one wants to infiltrate a particular segment of sciety.

Beggar's Rags These filthy scraps of material can barely be called clothes, but they at least offer some modicum of decency. Usually they comprise some form of trouser with a worn shirt, and a cloak-type accessory to keep it all together and provide some warmth for the nights spent out on the streets.
-Average Price: 5 Credits
-Effect: Reputation -5

Commoners Clothes Usually plain clothes, made from hardy, if not always comfortable, material which can withstand more vigorous activities. They tend to be rather drab, simple outfits, often worn by the slave and servant classes.
-Average Price: 30 Credits
-Effect: Reputation -2

Modest Cothing These clothes are generally just about in fashion, mass produced on a variety of worlds in several styles and colours. Often they are worn by those just starting out, and attract little or no attention from others - they just look like the vast majority of the population.
-Average Price: 200 Credits
-Effect: None

Expensive Clothing Clothing that takes account of the latest fashion trends, usually very stylish, colourful and heavily accessorised. These people are definitely making their way in society, and can certainly turn heads when out and about. Nothing less than clothing such as this would be acceptable on the Core Worlds.
-Average Price: 500 Credits
-Effect: Reputation +2

Exquisite Clothing This type of hand-made clothing is the best that money can buy. Brocaded, colourful, complete with gold braiding, sashes and jewels. These are the day to day clothing chosen by the aristocracy, who will have rooms full of such items. Anyone wearing such clothing will command great respect.
-Average Price: 1,000 Credits
-Effect: Reputation +5

Formal Wear For the really fancy receptions, dinners, balls and parties thrown by high-society, nothing less than formal evening wear will suffice. Hand-made, tailored suits, stunningly individual and fantastic ballgowns are certainly not something that one can buy in a store, and they don't come cheap. But they mark you out as one of the creme-de-la-creme of society, and are a true sign of wealth.
-Average Price: 5,000 Credits
-Effect: Reputation +10